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special-order-sale definition: Noun (plural special order sales) 1. (retail) The sale of an item that is not stocked by ordering it from another company...

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In cost accounting, a special order is a one-time customer order, often involving a large quantity and a low price. This is a chance to make money or lose money. Tough choice. A special order requires you to make decisions using relevant information. You decide which costs and revenue are relevant ...

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One type of short-term decision that businesses frequently have to make is whether or not to accept special order requests from customers. A special order is an order that the company did not anticipate

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Define Special orders. Special orders synonyms, Special orders pronunciation, Special orders translation, English dictionary definition of Special orders. orders which do not concern, and are not published to, the whole command, such as those relating to the movement of a particular corps, a detail, a...

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A special guardianship order is an order appointing one or more individuals to be a child's 'special guardian'. It is a private law order made under the Children Act 1989 and is intended for those children who cannot live with their birth parents and who would benefit from a legally secure placement.

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This is a special case and I want you to handle it personally. Only under special circumstances will you be allowed to retake the test. Your many years of service put you in a special category. Why should you receive any special treatment? It takes a special quality to do what he did. This is a very special occasion.

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- The special-order features that were available include Sav-age's Grade B engraving, deluxe walnut and special checkering for the pistol-grip stock and the fore-end, both open and aperture rear tang sights, a takedown action, and a fitted luggage case.

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Special Field Orders, No. 15 (series 1865) were military orders issued during the American Civil War, on January 16, 1865, by General William Tecumseh Sherman, commander of the Military Division of the Mississippi of the United States Army.

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The authentic interpretation from Black's Law Dictionary of the legal term special-order calendar. The list of business scheduled as special orders. — Also t

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An Interlocutory order is an order that does not decide the case but settles some intervening matters relating to it or affords some temporary relief. For example, in a Divorce case, a judge will issue an interlocutory order that sets the terms for temporary Child Support and Visitation Rights while the case is pending.

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Special, particular, specific refer to something pointed out for attention and consideration. Special means given unusual treatment because of being uncommon: a special sense of a word. Particular implies something selected from the others of its kind and set off from them for attention: a particular variety of orchid.

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The decision to accept or reject special order depends upon how the acceptance of the order will affect the short term financial result. The overall profit will increase if the future total revenue from the special order exceeds the relevant cost. If the future total revenue is lower than the relevant cost, the special order should not be accepted.

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Special order definition is - a routine order issued by an authorized military headquarters that includes matter concerning individuals but is not of general interest.

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A special order is a unique, one-time order made by a customer that requires a variation in the manufacture of your regular products. Your accounting staff should analyze the proposal and justify ...

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Special orders for non-stock products are processed efficiently, using automated procedures, and quickly directed to the relevant supplier. A special order is an extra order or an order for an item specially requested by a customer ...

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Definition of special-order decisions: When a company tries to figure out if it is worth keeping products that are undervalued. Dictionary Term of the Day ...

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Define Special Order Deposit. means a deposit (i) that is charged to an Account in connection with the purchase of a Special Order Good and (ii) that (A) in the case of custom soft goods (e.g., custom upholstered furniture) does not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total amount financed on such Account in respect of such Special Order Good and (B) in the case of all other products does not ...

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However, once given this appointing order the special master has the authority to regulate all proceedings and to compel the production of documents and other evidence. In addition, the master may put witnesses and parties under oath and may examine them. Once the evidence has been taken, the special master files a report with the appointing court.

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Payment Order Types. DTC's Payment Order service allows a participant to settle money payments for transactions that were processed separately through DTC either earlier that same day or on the previous day. There are two types of payment orders at DTC.

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Special order pricing is a technique used to calculate the lowest price of a product or service at which a special order may be accepted and below which a special order should be rejected. Usually a business receives special orders from customers at a price lower than normal.

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William T. Sherman issued his Special Field Order No. 15, which confiscated as Union property a strip of coastline stretching from Charleston, South Carolina, to the St. John's River in Florida, including Georgia's Sea Islands and the mainland thirty miles in from the coast.

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Define order. order synonyms, order pronunciation, order translation, English dictionary definition of order. n. 1. A condition of logical or comprehensible arrangement among the separate elements of a group. 2. a. A condition of methodical or prescribed arrangement...